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Post  DigitalBoy0101 on Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:28 am

I already posted my stories, then thought I'd better post here as I should have done in the first place :embarrassed:

I live in C.B. and work at the Omaha main Post Office. I was in the military for around 16 years total, 4 years Active Duty and the rest Reserves. I went to the Gulf War in '91 (Navy), and to Iraq again in '04-'05 (Army). I was also a member of the Lewis Township Volunteer Fire Department for 4 years. I was a Firefighter-1, EMT-B, and certified Rescue Diver.

I have 2 stories that I already posted. One is in the Personal Stories section, the other in the Generally Paranormal section.

I am single, 39, no kids. But I have a 13 y.o. nephew, and we have connected pretty well through our mutual interest in the paranormal, and also because we both (sometimes) play World of Warcraft. My work hours and days off are pretty bad, so I don't get much chance to see family. But because my days off are Wed/Thurs, I have my nephew over to my house every Wed to watch Ghost Hunters, and we have a good time. It somewhat makes up for not having weekends off like "normal" people >.<

With no overtime, I normally leave my house for work at 2:00 PM and get home at midnight. Then my personal time is usually midnight-5:00 AM due to sleep problems. Sometimes I'm still up at 7:00 AM or later, though.

So, what kind of paranormal stuff happens around here? I mean, besides the obvious Axe Murder house. My roommate has been told the house next door to us is somewhat haunted, and very occasionally I think I see a shadow figure in my house which may be bleed-over from next door (in my opinion). I don't know who my roommate has been talking to, so it's just second-hand information. I've been living in my house for 9-10 years (minus 16 months away to Iraq), and whatever minor spirits I *may* have don't bother me. It's kinda interesting that I've only seen it in the last 12-18 months, though. I mean, if it has been here the whole time, I would think I would have seen something much earlier....so I'm chalking it up to imagination. It doesn't bother me anyway. Besides, if it's the spirit of the lady who lived next door when I moved in and died in that house, I could do a lot worse. She and her husband were really nice people. I just wish I could remember her first name.

I'd better stop myself here. I tend to write books if I don't reign myself in, heh. I just wanted to say hello, and to tell my stories. I hope you find them interesting and/or enjoyable.


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Hello all! Empty Re: Hello all!

Post  KevinT FBN on Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:27 pm

Once again, thanks for the post and my apologies for the prolonged absence on my part! I'll reply to your stories in the forum in which you posted them.
KevinT FBN
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Hello all! Empty Re: Hello all!

Post  Stephen FBN on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:30 pm

Hello, and welcome!

Haunted around here?

Well besides Villisca (We do plan to making the trip out there sometime next year.)
The Squirrel Cage Jail is allegedly haunted by the spirit of one of the wardens.
The Dodge House and house next door to it both have haunting stories associated with them.
Fairview Cemetery (Specifically the Black Angel) has that reputation as well.

There are a number in Omaha as well, I just can't think of them offhand. scratch
Stephen FBN
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